Need a Can? Act NOW!

Smart enthusiasts are not waiting on the potential passage of the Hearing Protection Act for several reasons. Here’s what you need to know…


Follow Tim and Joe as they go down separate paths—one is waiting to purchase a silencer until HPA passes, the other is choosing to purchase his silencer now—then decide for yourself which path is right for you…


As you can see, waiting for the Hearing Protection Act to pass this year or in the foreseeable future is a huge gamble for many reasons:

  • The HPA may never come to a vote in the legislature.
  • If it does come to a vote, there’s no guarantee it will pass or eventually become law.
  • If it does become law, demand for suppressors will undoubtedly exceed supply overnight, causing not only shortages, but also higher prices in the immediate and near-term.
  • Gambling on the legislation’s passage and product availability could mean waiting indefinitely for a suppressor.

So, if you are in the market for a suppressor, think carefully before deciding to wait on Washington to make the move for you. You may be waiting a long time.





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