Ear Pro You’ll WANT to Wear!

Since hearing protection shouldn’t be an obstacle, Walker’s designed their new ultra slim Razor Series electronic muffs to stay out of your way. In fact, you hardly know you’re wearing them!

by Yok Re

Every hunter and target shooter needs quality ear protection. You need it at the range, and you need it while hunting, too. Those unprotected shots from the blind take a cumulative toll, even if they’re fewer in number. Still, there are reasons shooters sometimes fail to take every precaution to protect their hearing. Like a too-bulky coat in winter, large and cumbersome ear protection can discourage you from using it as much as you should.


That’s one of the problems Walker’s was aiming to solve with the introduction of their new Razor Series muffs. The company set itself the challenge of designing electronic ear muffs with the lowest possible profile, without compromising hearing protection or amplification properties.

The Razor Series delivers on those fronts. With a noise reduction rating (NRR) of 23dB, a comfort-oriented headband with a wire frame, and an affordable price tag, the Razor is the kind of well-rounded muff that can be used in all shooting situations with maximum comfort.

Our big takeaway after several range sessions using the new Walker’s Razor muffs boils down to this: they are the most comfortable and least obtrusive noise-cancelling hearing protection we’ve worn. That they feature superior audio quality AND come at a price that leaves money for more ammo are added bonuses.

The Razor Series Slim Shooter folding muff is a major step beyond simple passive protection, of course. It incorporates two omni-directional microphones, full dynamic range HD speakers, recessed volume control knob, and an audio input jack. The sound activation compression dampens the loud noises, while the speakers and microphones allow you to stay engaged with your surroundings. One of the advantages of Walker’s electronic muffs is that they can be used to help detect game movement where ears alone can’t. These are also great for when you’re teaching newcomers to shoot (especially children) because they can hear you give important instructions on the firing line.

No need to pull apart the ear cups or dig out a screwdriver to change batteries in the Razor. External access and an easy-to-remove cover make battery swaps a snap.

The Razor Series is pretty stylish as muffs go, with ultra-low profile rubberized cups, a sound dampening composite housing, a smooth matte finish, and a variety of colors. All Razors operate on two AAA batteries.

We’ve spent the last couple of weekends testing the new Razor muffs and couldn’t be happier. They are extremely light and fit your head like a glove. The slim profile helps keep you from knocking them against your rifle stock when you’re bench shooting. We wore ours for three hours straight on a hot (90 degrees) and humid day at the range, and never suffered from “muff fatigue.”

Volume control comes via an aggressively ribbed knob. It’s recessed into the housing, yet easily adjustable even when wearing shooting gloves.

The large volume dial is easy to reach and operate even when wearing shooting gloves. Stereo sound is crisp and clear from all directions, even at low volume, so you can hear perfectly well on the range or in the field without any static or the “sea shell” effect. The quick sound activated compression circuitry is lightning fast (0.02 seconds), so your ears are always protected.

This is the kind of equipment that needs to be in every shooter’s gear bag. Once your hearing is gone, it’s gone. There are no excuses now—the new Razor muffs makes hearing protection easy, comfortable, and affordable.

The Razor muffs aren’t just for the range. Hearing protection is important when hunting. The lightweight, low-profile design combined with the ability to pick up game movement makes the Razor an ideal hunting companion.





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