Best Pinterest Pages for Gun Nuts

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Pinterest has quickly become the best social media site to collect and gather great ideas and information. Even though it has primarily been a social media site for women, men are quickly starting to utilize it as well. It is an awesome platform to collect ideas for a rifle build or just grab your favorite gun photos or tips. Building a AR pistol from the ground up? Pin your favorite items that you want and create a board with the same name. The future is here!

Here’s a quick and dirty list of the top gun pages that you need to follow now on Pinterest:

1. MDT – If you are passoniate about Long Range shooting you need to check out this board. Instead of a boring corporate presence, MDT or Modular Driven Technologies showcases some beautiful rifle builds featuring their chassis and also has some great infographics for precision shooting.

2. Weapons Living If you are passoniate about Knives, Guns or Survival you need to check out this board. They have a great resource of information and pretty pictures! A very extensive collection of beautiful guns too.

3. Julie Golob A great resource for information and also some damn fine wild game recipes. Julie is a total class act and we love to follow what ever she does on social media.

4. Lucky Gunner One of the best blog sites for guns that is out there. If you don’t follow Lucky Gunner you need to at least check out their board Why Guns are good. Some great gun quotes and good general tips.

Whether you are just starting out or are a veteran shooter Pinterest has great resources for you! Check them out.


The Gun Aficionado is a great board from Weapons Living!
Why Guns is a recommended board from Lucky Gunner Ammo
Why Guns is a recommended board from Lucky Gunner Ammo



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