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It doesn’t take long to figure out how this device saves time, reduces hassle, and ramps up the fun factor at public or private ranges.

by the ShootingDaily staff; promoted by GSM Outdoors

There are few things we look forward to as eagerly as we do sighting in a rifle. Whether it’s fine-tuning a new load, zeroing a new optic, or setting up an all-new rifle system, sight-in is shooting with a serious purpose and we LOVE it! What we don’t love so much is the hassle of doing this at a public range—especially when we’re shooting 200 yards and beyond.

You know the drill: it’s often tough to precisely see impact points even with good binos or a spotting scope; you have to wait for the “all clear” from the other shooters at the range before you can physically check or swap your targets; and then there’s the nonsense of multiple 400-yard walks across muddy, sloppy, and sometimes tick-infested ranges.



A friend of ours recently picked up a device that eliminates all these problems when shooting at public ranges or on private land, and it has some other slick features that really change the shooting experience. It took us only a couple hours using it at the bench before we had to add it to our “must-have” list. It’s called the Bullseye Camera, and if you’re also tired of the “check the target” death march, you might want to listen up.


Made by GSM Outdoors, the Bullseye Range Camera is a wireless, live-view camera system that works in conjunction with your phone, PDA, or laptop computer. There are two versions—the difference being the transmission range. The Bullseye Range Camera that we used is good for transmitting up to 300 yards. Since our typical sight-in for hunting rifles is 200 yards, this is perfect for our needs. GSM also offers a long-range model that can transmit wireless up to one mile, so long as there is direct line-of-sight between the camera antenna and the shooting bench, and assuming optimal atmospheric conditions.


The system is housed in a durable, hinged plastic box similar in size and shape to an ammo can. Inside the box is a camera, rechargeable battery pack, transmitter, and antenna. Also included is a stand that lets you position the camera to get a clear view of the target while keeping the unit out of the way of “flyers.” Of course, we don’t live in a perfect world, so Bullseye does offer a “Bullet Proof Warranty” that you can purchase for $29.99 within 30 days of the unit purchase. This warranty covers unintentional damage, so whether it’s kicked, dropped, or shot with a flyer, you’re covered.


The system uses the free Bullseye Target Manager app (available for iOS, Windows, and Android platforms) and Wi-Fi to connect to your phone or other Wi-Fi-enabled device, such as a tablet or laptop. It’s no different than connecting to your home or office Wi-Fi router. Once connected, you can see a live view of your target up to 300 yards (with Bullseye Range Camera). Viewing bullet point-of-impact and windage and elevation delineations is as easy as looking at your device screen…right from the bench. No more squinting or fumbling with optics to figure out where your shots are hitting, no more waiting for the all-clear, and no more running to the target after every shot string.

The Bullseye Camera system offers two ways to view bullet point-of-impact. First is the live view, wherein you simply see the bullet holes on the target. One of the features of the Target Manager software, however, is that you can activate the “Show Shot” menu item after each shot and the software puts a blinking dot where your bullet hit. This “last shot blinking” feature makes it easy to see precisely where every shot contacts the target. Additional software options include a group measuring mode, a sight-in mode (which tells you how to adjust your optic to hit on-center), and even a two-player head-to-head gaming mode.


Another unique feature is that you can assign different-color on-screen dots to your shots. For example, if your buddy wants to shoot, you can assign one color for his shots and a different color for yours. This way, you can both shoot at the same target until you have so many holes that you have to change it out. This is also great for shooting different rifles at the same target because you don’t have to swap targets every time you change a gun or load.

If serious long-distance shooting is your bag, consider the Bullseye Long Range Camera. This one features longer-range Wi-Fi transmission that works out to a mile with a clear line-of-sight and optimal atmospheric conditions. Also available is an external antenna. This is good for long-range shooting because it allows you to shield the camera box from wayward shots by placing the antenna in an open spot for unimpeded transmission.

All versions of the Bullseye Camera come with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack that’s good for a 12-hour run time. With an MSRP of $299 for the 300-yard sight-in camera and $599 for the long-range model, the Bullseye Camera is one shooter’s solution that won’t break the bank. Of course, a quick online search usually reveals even lower pricing availability.

For more details, visit the Bullseye Camera Systems website.



Right now, Bullseye Camera Systems is bundling select Walker’s hearing protection with the purchase of a Bullseye Range Camera or Long Range Camera:




Bullseye Camera Systems



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