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Whether you’re a competitive shooter, a range regular, or a serious hunter, you’ve got to see this best-cost option in electronic hearing protection.

by Mike Disario for ShootingDaily; promoted by GSM Outdoors

Experienced shooters wear ear protection like a second skin; they’ve become so used to wearing it and have learned to work around the obstacles that they don’t give it much thought—until they get a chance to go “muff-free.” That’s when most of us realize that, yeah, there IS a better way.

Recently, we tried out a “better way” thanks to the new Silencer Electronic Ear Buds from Walker’s.

Now, you’re probably thinking that in-ear electronic hearing protection is nothing new. You’d be right, of course, but have you priced a quality set recently? The truth is, the costs are exorbitant for most similar products on the market. What first caused us to take a closer look at the Walker’s Silencers was the price. With an MSRP of $229.95 and commonly available at retail for around $179, these ear pros are half the average competitive price.

The Walker’s Silencers boast a Noise Reduction Rating of 25 dB, which is on par with the company’s premium electronic ear muffs. This delivers ample protection for shooting everything from small caliber handguns to .300-class rifles plus shotguns. No sacrifices here.

Walkers Silencers 4

The electronic part of the Silencer means that ambient sound amplification works with Sound Activated Compression. When turned on and the independent volume controls adjusted to your desired level, you can easily converse with others, hear instructions from the range officer, and, for hunting, pick up critical environmental sounds. The integrated omni-directional microphones combine with full dynamic dual-range speakers to not only deliver clear sound but also to let you determine sound direction—essential for hunting and for on-the-range safety. Upon firearm discharge (or similar dangerous noise), the Sound Activated Compression technology kicks in, momentarily suppressing the sound amplification to protect your hearing.

Walkers Silencers 6

As you can imagine, the Silencer ear buds offer significant comfort over conventional ear muffs. They’re easy to insert in your ears, and feature a Sure-Lock fin that secures along the outer ear to keep the bud in place and properly sealed. For warm-weather shooting, we’ve found the Silencers to be cooler and less irritating than full-size muffs. In cold conditions, we can now wear our hooded jackets and knit caps with no interference.

Another ergonomic benefit we appreciate about the Silencers is that they do not interfere with our shooting styles. The zero profile of the Silencers, compared to standard muffs, means no more clunking against our buttstocks on a quick mount. For those of you who participate in fast-paced competition shooting, the benefits here are obvious.

Walkers Silencers 1

The Walker’s Silencers come in a compact, structured foam case that’s small enough to stick in your pocket or range bag. Included in the kit is a removable lanyard that keeps the buds tethered together, three pairs of foam ear buds (S, M, and L), and three pairs of Sure-Lock sizing fins (S, M, and L). Finally, the kit comes with a combination brush/magnetic wand that you can use to keep the units clean and to replace the batteries. Speaking of the batteries, the Silencer uses A10 zinc air hearing aid batteries (four included in the kit). We like these batteries because they are inexpensive and easy to find.

For comfort, convenience, effective hearing protection, and affordability, the Walker’s Silencer gets our vote for the best-performance/best-value hearing protection on the market today.

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