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Here’s a laminated hardwood stock that you can adjust and customize quickly to adapt to any shooter or hunter for optimal fit. Best of all, it’s a snap to install.

by the ShootingDaily staff

Ask any competitive shooter or serious hunter and they will tell you that having a rifle stock that actually FITS your body and shooting style is key to accuracy. You may have the most capable rifle on the planet, but if it doesn’t fit and work with you, you’ll never be able to maximize its full potential.

The fact is, most of us work with what came out of the box in terms of stocks. We adjust our scope and how we mount the gun to accommodate the factory stock, not what our natural shooting position should be. Sure, there are aftermarket stocks that take care of these problems, but historically, that means your wallet takes a proportional hit.

We say “historically” because there’s a new player in the adjustable stock marketplace, and their stocks are half the price or more of what we’re used to seeing. We’re talking about the new At-One adjustable stock by Boyds Gunstocks.

build 10

If you’re familiar with Boyds stocks, you already know that the company’s proprietary wood laminating process delivers a platform unsurpassed in terms of strength and rigidity for a wood-based stock. Part of the Boyds game is that you can order their stocks with a custom length-of-pull and, on some models, an adjustable cheek riser. That’s in addition to customized engraving, a wide choice of wood colors and finishes, and a few extras. What we like about the new At-One stock is that it wraps up all of Boyds’ key customizable offerings into one unit.

The heart of the At-One is the Bring-It Pushbutton Adjustment Technology, which allows the shooter to quickly change the stock’s length-of-pull and cheek riser height with a simple push of a button.

build 11

The buttons are built into the right side of the stock. Depress the top button and you can get up to 9/16 inches of vertical travel from the cheek riser. This is a big help when dialing in your cheek weld for precise eye-to-scope bore alignment.

Equally important to getting proper eye alignment and achieving a correct shooting position is the length-of-pull. This is the distance measured from the hook of the trigger to the back of the butt stock. Most original equipment stocks are dimensioned to fit the average-size shooter (whatever that is), which means if your build falls outside of that theoretical median, your stock will not give you the optimal position in terms of trigger reach, sight alignment, or body position on the stock. As a result, accuracy will suffer. The At-One stock solves this problem with its broad length-of-pull adjustment. By depressing the rear button, you can adjust the length-of-pull from 12.5 to 14 inches.

One aspect we like about the At-One’s adjustability is that not only can we set it up perfectly, we can adjust it as needed for changing conditions. When shooting in the winter, it’s easy to shorten our length-of-pull to accommodate bulky clothing. It’s also a simple matter to allow someone else to modify the configuration so they can shoot comfortably and accurately.

build 14

Aside from its adjustability, the At-One allows additional customization thanks to its interchangeable forend and grip (sold separately). Ours shown here has the traditional-style grip and forend profile. The optional target grip has a more vertical design that aids prone shooting while the optional target forend has a wider, beaver-tail profile that offers a more positive grip surface. As with the stock adjustment, the grip and forend can be quickly changed to meet varying shooting needs.

Other features included with the At-One are front and rear sling swivel mounting studs, a bipod mount stud, and quick-detach sling swivel mounts installed into each side of the stock.

The At-One has a more angular profile than other stocks in the Boyds lineup. Some folks will love this design flair…others, maybe not as much. We think this design is a refreshing spin for wood a stock platform and it is certainly turning heads at our local range.

build 13

As for the rest, it’s all familiar Boyds territory with the rigid laminated hardwood construction, choice of 11 color schemes, and precise factory inletting. It is the latter that makes this a no-brainer swap. We installed our At-One onto a Ruger M77 MKII, and it literally took us only 10 minutes. That’s because the inletting was so exact that additional sanding, filing, or trimming were not required. That’s not to say every stock will fit every barreled action without some touch-up work, but ours fit like a latex glove right out of the box. Here’s how it went down…

build 1

As with any firearm work, ensure there are no cartridges in the chamber or the magazine. Set the fire control to SAFE and remove the bolt.

build 2

The Ruger M77 MKII barreled action is secured to the stock by the action screw and rear trigger guard screw. First remove the action screw

build 3

Next, remove the two trigger guard screws.

build 4

With the trigger guard and floorplate removed, the magazine box can be removed.

build 5

The barreled action is now free to be separated from the original stock.

build 6

Installation of the barreled action into the At-One stock is simply a reversal of the removal procedure. Drop the barreled action into the stock and press into position. Here you want to check that the barreled action fits its inletting. The assembly should go together without excessive looseness or tightness, and the barreled action should rest securely in the inletting with no rocking or pivoting. If you experience any binding or pivoting, find the high spots and carefully remove with sandpaper or a file until you achieve a correct fit.

build 8

Once you are satisfied with the barreled action-to-stock fitment, finish the reassembly. On the Ruger M77 MKII, this means first installing the magazine box. Next, the floorplate is installed with the action screw (follow the manufacturer’s recommended torque specification). Lastly, install the trigger guard screws, starting with the rear screw that secures the rear of the action to the assembly, then the forward trigger guard screw.

build 12

With everything assembled, it is important to perform a complete function check to ensure that the firearm is working properly, and that there is no mechanical interference between the barreled action assembly and your new stock. If you find any interference, disassemble the firearm, locate the problem area, and remove small amounts of material as necessary. Reassemble, test the function, and repeat until there is no interference. Of course, always consult a qualified gunsmith if you are unsure of your work or if you feel the required work exceeds your capabilities.

build 9

The difference in our “before and after” Ruger M77 MKII is monumental. Not only does the rifle look better with the laminated hardwood stock, the fit is spot on. Now we can set it up for summer range work, and once rifle season rolls around, a quick adjustment will keep us accurately comfortable when wearing cold-weather gear. And the bonus…at $189, this stock cost significantly less and is much lighter than comparable adjustable stocks on the market today. Call that a win, win, and win!

build 15


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