Walker's XCEL Series Ear Muff

Advanced Hearing Protection for Advanced Hunters and Shooters

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The latest in hearing protection technology might surprise you. These ear muffs are designed with the avid sportsman in mind.

by the ShootingDaily staff

You’re an active sportsman. You live for the chase and the thrill of the moment. When you’re not in the field, you’re at the range with your friends and family either bringing home that big win or spending quality time. There isn’t much you don’t excel at. That’s why Walker’s XCEL Series Digital Shooting Muffs may be the perfect piece of gear for you.

Bringing the latest in technology to the field of hearing protection wasn’t easy. The XCEL Series muffs feature a host of new and exciting advancements that not only protect your hearing but also boost it in those critical moments that you can’t afford to miss.

The XCEL Series muff features some revolutionary advancements, the first of which places the controls on the headband, thus making it easier to operate with less fumbling in the field or at the range. In addition, the muff features an auto shut-off that can be set for two, four, or six hours. Best of all, the entire thing runs on two common ‘AAA’ batteries instead of expensive and hard-to-find types. For the tech-savvy sportsman, Walker’s also offers a Bluetooth-equipped version of the XCEL.

Bluetooth hearing protection

To make your time in the field that much better, the XCEL Series muff boasts Active Dynamic Sound Compression and four frequency modes (Universal, Clear Voice, High Frequency, and Power Boost) to best suit your environment. Volume and shut-off can be controlled right on the headset.

This advancement allows you to focus on the shot without fear of hearing damage. We’ve all been out there in the field on days when the wind is calm, and the forest is dead silent. You’d swear that your own breath could be heard a mile away. Then you see it- that prize, dead ahead. Your shot feels like the loudest noise ever made. You’re left with ringing ears and no sign of your quarry. That’s the nature of hunting, but the XCEL Series muffs can help alleviate those common problems.

The technology inside these muffs allows the shooter to maintain clear hearing thanks to full dynamic range HD speakers and two omnidirectional microphones. You can hear even better than with the naked ear and pick up sounds you’d probably never normally hear. The best part is that due to the Sound Activated Compression system, you never have to hear the blast of a gunshot. This means you can hear your prize coming in from further out and focus on the shot, which is a luxury most hunters lack. The fear of the dreaded ringing in your ears is gone thanks to this technology. You’ll still hear the gun fire, but the noise is suddenly and noticeably cancelled.


The hunter isn’t the only one to benefit from this great new hearing gear. The competitive shooter and those who frequent the range can take advantage of these muffs in many ways. You will be able to clearly hear range commands and buzzers at the start of a match and talk normally to your fellow competitors and friends. The only downside is that you may still have to yell at them- that is, unless you encourage them to also invest in a pair of XCEL Series muffs.

advanced hearing protection

For the family man or woman teaching their children to shoot, the XCEL series offers a number of advantages that make the shooting experience kinder to young ears. The entire family can benefit from the audio clarity and noise-dampening technology.

The Walker’s XCEL Series Digital Shooting muffs are tomorrow’s hearing protection today. You would have to spend hundreds more on systems that don’t offer even half the features.

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