Check Out This DIY Modular Gun Safe

Check Out This DIY Modular Gun Safe

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From valuables to personal defense and hunting gear, we all have reasons to own a safe. This model offers maximum location options so you can put it just about anywhere.

by the ShootingDaily staff

Most firearm owners want a gun safe. Safes not only present a theft deterrent and offer protection in the event of a fire, they’re simply the most convenient and best method for storing valuable long, hand guns, and optics. Unfortunately, a quality gun safe isn’t always “user-friendly” in terms of installation, location flexibility, or portability.

That was until the Hornady-owned SnapSafe came on the market.

We recently came across SnapSafe and their Modular Safes at a shooting industry trade show, and had that all-too-infrequent “Ah ha!” moment.

If you’ve been thinking about purchasing a gun safe but haven’t for all the common reasons—can’t get one in my house, it won’t work where I can fit it, I can’t afford a safe AND an installer—you need to check this out…

The SnapSafe Concept

Safes are big and heavy. That’s a fact. They’d be useless if they weren’t, but that fact precludes many people from buying them. Imagine a safe that you could assemble by yourself near or exactly where you want it, such as an upstairs bedroom or tucked deep inside a walk-in closet?


The SnapSafe modular safes allow you to do just that. Available in four different models so you can match the size, storage capacity, and features you want, SnapSafe solves the gun storage problem many of us face.

The key to the SnapSafe concept is in the modular construction. Each unit ships to your door unassembled, allowing you to then move the individual components to the location you choose. These include the door, door frame, exterior panels, insulation panels, and the shelving system.


Assembly of the SnapSafe is straightforward. All the exterior panels bolt together from the inside, meaning that once the unit is bolted tight, it cannot be disassembled from the outside. SnapSafe calls this, “A modular safe with welded-safe security.” The walls are constructed of two-piece welded steel plate to provide a 9-gauge-thick exterior wall, and the door is made of robust 3/16-inch solid steel, housing eight one-inch steel live-locking bolts and a spring-loaded relocker. You can choose your choice of lock—mechanical or digital, and in some models an EMP version.

Although modularity and ease of installation is the theme, the SnapSafe can still be securely rooted where you want it. The bottom panel is pre-drilled so you can bolt it to your floor.


Fire protection is another reason for acquiring a gun safe, and SnapSafe addresses this in a couple of ways. First, the internal panels are constructed of magnesium oxide and insulated to delivers fire protection at 2,300º F for up to an hour. Second, all SnapSafes feature heat-expandable door gaskets that provide a robust protective seal from smoke and water.


Not only are SnapSafes modular in their construction, they are also modular in the way they can be customized to suit your needs. Each safe comes with configurable interior options so you can arrange the contents to accommodate a wide range of items. The company also offers numerous accessories for additional hand gun storage, lighting, and climate control.

Currently, there are four SnapSafe models available—from the 12+ long gun Titan to the 56+ long gun Super Titan XXL Double Door. Those capacities, of course, require long guns to be alternately stacked muzzle up/muzzle down and without optics. With optics, gun storage capacity drops slightly.

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All SnapSafe models can be ordered direct from the manufacturer and shipped to your door. No buying at a retail location and then trying to figure out how to get it home and installed. Simply open the box and transfer the components to your designated safe location. Assembly requires no tools other than the supplied wrench. And that’s it.

For convenience and ease of installation pretty much anywhere, we’ve seen no better option in the safe industry than the SnapSafe.




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