Everyday Carry for Summer

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If you plan to carry during the warm months, here are two top picks…

by the ShootingDaily staff

Warmer weather and lighter clothing often demand a change-up in our everyday carry firearm of choice. While a medium- or large-frame pistol may have carried well with an outside waistband holster under a coat or a light jacket, that same firearm may not work at all during the shorts-and-T-shirt season. During this time of year, small-frame pistols and revolvers, usually worn inside the waistband, often work the best for recreational and casual business dress.

We recently spent some range time testing the new Taurus Curve®—an unconventional pistol designed to be the most comfortable, smallest print handgun ever. More on that in a moment, but our time with the Curve® gave us an opportunity to also test out the Taurus Slim® 709. We think both make for ideal warm-season everyday carry handguns that deliver in the firepower department.

So, if you’re looking for a handgun that will work well for your everyday carry needs throughout the warmer months, will be a reliable performer, and can be had for under $399, here you go…

Taurus EDC 2

Taurus Curve – .380 Auto

Taurus introduced the revolutionary Curve last year, and while it initially received a lot of funny looks from both the gun writing press and pocket pistol enthusiasts alike, the features and benefits of this radically new design make it one of our favorite grab-and-go carry handguns.

Chambered in .380, Taurus developed this semi-auto pistol to be the ultimate low-profile defensive handgun. The contoured frame follows the natural curvature of your body, so it fits tight with little to no printing. The overall profile of the Curve features a smooth contour, with no sharp or harsh edges to snag on clothing or hinder your draw.

Given its 2.7-inch barrel length and short 5.2-inch overall length, it’s understandable that the Curve will not be used for precision target shooting or IDPA-style competition. This close-quarter defensive handgun can, on the other hand, stop an assailant in that critical 10 yards-and-under range.

The Curve offers two sighting methods. First is the barrel axis sight, which is comprised of three lines on the back of the slide that visually intersect with the bore axis. When, shooting with both eyes open, you can easily see your target while your dominant eye aligns the bore. The second sighting method is to use the integrated laser sight mounted in the front of the frame. Positioned directly above the laser are two integrated lights that provide enough illumination to acquire your target in low-light conditions. A switch located on the side of the frame controls both the laser and the lights.

Curve trigger protector

As for carrying options, the Curve gives you three. The handgun features a pocket/waistband clip secured to the frame. Simply slip it into your pocket or inside your waistband and you’re good to go. The Curve also comes with a trigger protector and integrated lanyard. The trigger protector keeps you from accidentally pulling the trigger. The lanyard is secured to your belt loop. When you draw the Curve, the trigger protector pulls free and you’re ready to fire. A third alternative carry option is a pocket holster available through the aftermarket.


Taurus Slim® 709 – 9mm Luger

Take a full-size, full-feature 9mm semi-auto pistol and scrunch it down to sub-compact dimensions. While you’re at it, shave some weight and tweak the frame and slide to ensure a sleek carry profile. You end up with the Taurus Slim 709.

The Taurus Slim gets its name, obviously, from its svelte dimensions. Boasting a 3-inch barrel length, 6-inch overall length, and a skinny sub-inch width, you can see that this handgun is intended for discreet carry—bigger than a pocket pistol, but smaller than a compact.

Taurus EDC 4

The Pro Trigger is the heart of the Taurus Slim. Taurus classifies this as a single action/double action trigger system, but it functions more like a single action in that once the trigger is set, the manual thumb safety must be engaged to allow “cocked-and-locked” carry. In the event of a misfire due to a primer failing to ignite, the double action function kicks in, allowing you to pull the trigger (DA) and fire again.

Two seven-round magazines come with the Taurus Slim. These are single-stack mags that, combined with one round in the chamber, give you 8-round carry. A chambered round indicator on the top of the slide lets you visually and tactily verify the gun’s status.

Choose between two Taurus Slim models: blued steel (709FS) or matte stainless (709SS).

Slim action

Warm weather and light clothing are not reasons to put aside good self-defense practices. The summer months simply require slight modification in your approach to everyday carry. If that means you need a smaller, lighter, lower print firearm to accommodate your casual and business apparel, these Taurus handguns deliver the performance you demand at a price point that belies the quality you get.


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