50 Shades of SCCY

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The CPX line of personal defense pistols boasts precision performance, exceptional ergonomics, an industry best warranty, and more color options than a jellybean factory.

by the ShootingDaily staff

Used to be you could get any color pistol you wanted, so long as it was black. If you wanted diversity, you would find it in the chambering options.

Now, what if we told you there was a personal defense pistol that comes in more colors than a triple-tower Crayon box, is made 100-percent in the U.S. from high-quality, precision-machined materials, includes a warranty that covers anything (including loss or theft) for the life of the gun, and that you can get it all for around $300? Oh…and what if we said you could get this pistol in any caliber, so long as it’s 9mm?

That pretty well sums up the SCCY Industries 9mm semi-auto personal defense pistol.

SCCY Industries believes in doing one thing, doing it well, and delivering it at a cost that belies its premium quality and performance. To that end, the company has developed a specialized 9mm pistol platform that they machine and assemble all within their Daytona Beach, FL, headquarters.

We had heard a lot of chatter about the SCCY CPX line of pistols, and recently got the chance to try one. Our test model was the CPX-2 with a stainless steel satin finish receiver and barrel and a blue Zytel polymer frame.

CPX kit
SCCY’s CPX pistols ship with two 10-round magazines with extended floor plates, two flat floor plates, and a keyed trigger lock.

SCCY offers two operational variations in their CPX line. The CPX-1 models come with a manual guarded safety while the CPX-2 models have no manual safety.

Why is there no manual safety across the entire line? That is because all CPX pistols feature a double-action only trigger system. Just like a revolver, pulling the trigger cocks and then releases the hammer. The hammer is internal, so there is no practical way to have an accidental discharge. Further, the CPX platform has a long and relatively heavy but consistent (9 lb.) trigger pull. Any discharging of this pistol is necessarily intentional (so long as you practice safe firearm handling and keep your finger out of the trigger guard until you are ready to fire), which negates the need for a manual safety. Still, some folks are comfortable with operating a manual safety under stressful conditions and simply prefer the added assurance a manual safety delivers. For those shooters, the CPX-1 fits the bill.

As experienced pistol shooters may have already surmised, a double-action only pistol such as the SCCY CPX, with its long trigger pull and compact 3.1-inch barrel, is not a long-distance tack-driver. But neither is it intended to be. This is a close-quarter personal defense weapon designed specifically for concealed carry and ease of operation under high-stress conditions. In that regard, the CPX delivers. Simply draw, aim, and fire. Moreover, with a 10-round magazine capacity plus one in the chamber, the CPX provides the kind of rapid-deploy, high-capacity performance you want in a concealed carry weapon.

CPX action
Range time with the CPX-2 reveals a gun with an ergonomic design that is both comfortable to shoot and quick to acquire a good sight picture. As a double-action only, the trigger has a long, 9-lb. pull that makes it much like shooting a revolver. As such, this is a close-quarter personal defense weapon that can be quickly deployed in high-stress situations.

Our time on the range revealed the CPX’s intelligent ergonomic design. The pistol fits well in medium and small hands. The grip contour and barrel-to-grip angle allows the gun to snap right into a proper sight picture—no major muzzle reorientation is required when you draw and aim.

The front and rear sights both feature white dots to assist in alignment. What we like most about the sights is the ample rear sight notch. This extra bit of width makes it easy for you to locate the front sight. Some pistols we have tested have such a narrow notch in the rear sight that in dim lighting conditions it is difficult to find and align the front sight into the rear notch. In addition, since this is primarily a close-quarter personal defense weapon, the CPX gives the kind of quick sight picture acquisition we want in a high-stress, close-range situation. As a bonus, the rear sight is held in place with a set screw so that it can be adjusted for windage.

The CPX comes with two 10-round magazines with extended floor plates that act as a third finger groove. This provides that extra grip length that most of us prefer both for comfort and for control. Two flat floor plates are included. These are easy to replace with the extended plates should your carry concealed needs demand a shorter grip length.

CPX breakdown
Breakdown of the CPX pistol is a familiar process to anyone with experience shooting polymer-frame compacts.

Moving from practical application to construction, the CPX pistols all come with receivers made from 7075-T6 aircraft-grade and heat-treated aluminum alloy that is machined at the SCCY facilities from bar stock. These come treated either with a satin-finish or black nitride. SCCY machines the 16:1 right-hand twist barrel from bar stock. The frame is made of Zytel polymer with a textured grip and molded finger grooves. Color options here are extensive, so be sure to check the complete CPX lineup for color availability.

So how is it that you can purchase a purpose-built, diverse, and highly capable CCW pistol such as the CPX for around $300? It all comes down to in-house production. By purchasing raw materials in bulk, as well as engineering and machining components at its corporate headquarters, SCCY is able to keep manufacturing costs down while at the same time deliver rigorous quality control over the manufacturing and assembly processes. SCCY passes this lower cost on to the consumer with the added bonus of a lifetime warranty.

CPX roundup
Both the CPX-1 and CPX-2 models are available in a variety of colors, plus your choice of satin stainless steel or black Nitride-treated receivers.

The SCCY Industries warranty is an exception in the marketplace. In addition to the lifetime warranty of its products being free from material or workmanship defects, the SCCY warranty also covers loss or theft. That is something few, if any, companies offer, and is even more remarkable given the low cost of the gun.

If you are looking for a high quality personal defense pistol with a bang-for-the-buck appeal that stands alone in the industry, check out the SCCY Industries CPX-1 or CPX-2 9mms. Oh…and you can get them in something other than black!


SCCY Industries


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